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Importance of Truck Driving in the American Economy
Importance of Truck Driving in the American Economy

Truck driving is an important cornerstone of the American economy. The business of hauling raw material and finished goods is vital for the smooth flow of an industrialized society. Trucking companies are therefore a vital part of our economic development.

American trucking companies make a huge contribution to the American economy by making the all important connections from ground site suppliers to factories to retailers and end users. They are the dynamic interlinking factor in the supply chain responding to producer and supplier needs when required. The distribution of goods would simply come to a halt if the truck driving industry fails to operate. The manufacturing process cannot continue without raw materials. Distributors will be affected by the lack of goods if the manufacturing process is halted. The effect continues to filter all the way down to the consumer who will not be able to get their desired goods.

In the US trucks are the major form of haulage and distribution on land for all goods. Raw, intermediary, and finished products worth over $600 billion are transported every year by trucks. Statistics show that approximately 70% of all cargo moved in the US is dependent on trucks. Over 8 million people are employed in the trucking industry and the estimated profit which the industry generates is $346 billion each year. That is a measure of how big and influential the trucking industry is.

As we have noted above the trucking industry is a major employer in the American economy. However opportunities will increase and decrease depending on the economic climate. It is estimated that there are over 500,000 American trucking companies in business in the US today. This shows that truckers will continue to have stable and secure employment. As long as drivers possess a CMV-license, they can apply for a truck driving job with the potential to earn an average of $32,000 per year. Around 8 million US citizens have jobs today because of the thriving trucking industry.

Trucking companies will always be at the heart of economic development and growth in the United States. As we have noted above it is an industry that is almost recession proof because of its importance in the supply and demand process. The role of the trucking industry in stimulating and promoting economic growth is not to be overlooked.
More effort is required to encourage entry into the industry. Safety awareness is now a high priority in the industry and should continue to protect the welfare and safety of truckers on the road. The industry is a vital component of the supply chain and cannot afford to be disrupted if the economy is to function successfully.

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