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Common Problems Faced By a Truck Driver
Common Problems Faced By a Truck Driver

All jobs and all types of work have "hazards of the job" attached to them. Truck driving is no different in this respect. However if the truck driver is fore-warned about these common problems then he and his employer should be able to provide information and advice that will help him to recognize symptoms and issues as they arise.

Road Safety
Some drivers may not think of road safety as much as what they need to do to get the job done. Road safety should not be compromised at any time. However truckers will feel the pressured to make a delivery on time although traffic jams and speed limits slow them down. Federal laws now dictate how long a driver can be on the road for their safety and that of others. The CSA 2010 regulations are now in force to ensure road safety for truckers and other drivers on the road. It is possible that computerized monitors will be installed trucks in the future.

When Safety Laws are not Kept
Many truckers are guilty of not wearing seat belts. This is a basic safety requirement particularly when trucking has a high incidence of job-related deaths. Around 80% of these deaths are caused in traffic accidents were wearing seat belts could have saved the lives of many truck drivers. Truckers also often ignore bans on cell phone use while driving in some states, and they also eat on the road to avoid boredom and to save time to get to their destinations. Safety laws may seem unnecessary at times, but it only takes a split second to wreck or lose control of a heavy truck load.

Swift Trucking Rewards Drivers
While truck drivers have problems to deal with when on the road there are also positive aspects to the job.  Swift Trucking for example is one of the top trucking companies in the country. They have policy of rewarding drivers who have excellent driving records and who are safe and courteous drivers. Their Dedicated Drivers program is a positive goal for drivers to try to meet. Once a driver has an established reputation many opportunities open up to him or her. If a driver is a Dedicated Driver he or she is given the jobs for large companies such as Walmart, Home Depot, and Target. These jobs occur regularly and take less time to complete than new jobs. Each time a trucker sets out on the road with these jobs is means more time off and more time at home. Swift Trucking will use the experience of their Dedicated Truck Drivers to serve as mentors to graduates from the trucking schools who are new to truck driving. The company makes it worthwhile for those who follow the safety laws and do their best on the job.

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