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Team Truck Driving is on the Rise
Team Truck Driving is on the Rise

We are hearing a lot lately about team truck drivers. In fact, we are finding that more and more carriers are specifically looking for team drivers. Bottom line, it seems to make a lot of sense for everyone involved.

Team Truck DriversTeam driving allows a truck to be on the roiad almost non-stop since one driver is resting while the other is driving. Once the driver has used their alloted hours of service under the new regulations, the next driver simply takes over with both keeping their own logs.

For more detail, see our Team Truck Driving Jobs page but, do you think this could be the answer to the hours of service restrictions and make truck driving economical again for both the truck drivers and the trucking companies? Share your opinion with a comment below.

Posted: All Trucking Jobs  3/20/2012 11:28:52 AM | Permalink | Comments

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