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Local & Regional Truck Driving Jobs

A local or regional truck driving job might seem like the best of all worlds, but it does have drawbacks when compared to the other OTR type of positions. While the training and CDL requirements are the same, the lifestyle and even the truck may be totally different. As to which is better, it depends n what is most important for each driver.

Generally, local truck drivers use the same truck every day. Trucks and routes very depending on the type of business, from small privately owned delivery companies to major freight companies, and by what is considered a region. However, it usually means you are driving the same route every trip, be it deliveries or a set haul from, say, Alabama to Texas. Regional trucking jobs require a commercial drivers license (CDL), are sometimes paid by the hour, are mostly performed in company provided vehicles and may or may not include benefits. Driving time is fairly consistent and may include some nights and weekends.

While that may sound great - more home time, regular hours, fixed routes - a regional truck job may pay quite a bit less than an OTR job. In addition, many truckers like to travel the country and enjoy the call of the open road. Owner operators particularly enjoy their independence and would never want to be tied to a set schedule and set pay.  Finally, the best regional jobs, especially those with higher pay and better driver benefits, are usually more difficult to get.

Many of the carriers on this site have local and regional positions available. All Trucking Jobs matches your skills and desires with the carriers requirements and delivers your application to the recruiter in real time.

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