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Over the Road (OTR) Truck Driver Job

OTR drivers generally start as company drivers working for a particular trucking company and using one of their trucks. OTR truck drivers carry loads across the country, spending most of their time on the road and can be away from home for several days. Once you have your commercial driver's license (CDL), this is the best way to get started. Many carriers are even starting to offer on the job training and driver apprenticeships to get you the time and experience needed to comply with the new regulations and begin driving on your own.

Best of all, after driving as a company driver and racking up both over the road experience and savings, an OTR driver can work their way up to an owner operator, driving their own rig either for a tucking company or as a complete independent contractor bidding on any load they choose. This is where the over the road time and experience can really start to pay off and become a very rewarding career, not just monetarily but also in the satisfaction of being your own boss. This can even become a family business, such as husband and wife team drivers travelling the country together, in complete control of when they will work and how much money they can make. For many, this could be that elusive "dream job" we all search for.

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