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Team Truck Driving Jobs

With the new regulations limiting driving time and with most carriers now demanding experienced drivers, team truck driving could be the answer to many issues. With a team of truck drivers, the truck can travel further in a 24 hour period because both drivers can use all of their hours of service and then switch or, conversely, they can drive in timed shifts. For inexperienced drivers, many carriers are willing to place new drivers with an experienced driver to help break them in and get over the road training and experience.

The biggest advantage of team driving is that deliveries can be made in half the time it takes a single driver. Most teams drive in full shifts while the other driver sleeps. The team will stop to eat, shower and use the facilities. Each truck driver has to keep their own log book of their hours of service. In fact, this is one of the few times when it is okay to have more than one log book in a truck, since this practice is normally banned so that truck drivers can not be accused of trying to manipulate the regulations for hours of service.

Team truck drivers are also good for the trucking companies. Many carriers use their teams for set routes so that their recurring deliveries are always completed on time. Teams are also often used for hazardous loads since the truck will be on the road for less time, will be on the move and will not be parked full of hazardous materials while the driver is waiting for more regulated hours to be available.

Several of the carriers on this site are looking for team truck drivers. All Trucking Jobs matches your skills and desires with the company's requirements and delivers your application to the recruiters in real time.

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