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Feds Finally Help Truckers!

I am at a total loss. Did the feds actually listen to us for once? And not only that, they actually put their money where their mouth is. If you follow our blog, news and/or videos, you have seen that we have been predicting that the government would have to eventually get involved in the truck driver shortage - either through less regulation or funding to subsidize training. Well ladies and gents, it's finally starting to happen.

Century College in Minnesota has gotten federal money to cover the 4 week training course for 30 new drivers. Currently the program is only for Vets, no problem there, but it is a start and may open up for others as the shortage worsens - hopefully in the very near future.

According to Joe Mazan at

"Truck drivers are in high demand in Minnesota, and the industry plans to add more than 7,700 jobs in Minnesota between now and 2020. Now, one college is getting federal money to help train veterans for a career on the road. Century College in White Bear Lake is one of six colleges across the nation that have been awarded a $120,000 federal grant to help train veterans for transportation industry jobs."

All right, you might be tempted to say that's just a small drop in a very big bucket but can we get a big "Heck Yeah" for at least some good news for truckers and the driver shortage?

See the whole story here: