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Trucking Job & Industry News

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Feds Finally Help Truckers
Did the feds actually listen to us for once?

Trainers Test More Than Driving Skills
This is a great guest post from Brett Aquila's TruckingTruth blog about going out on the road with...

Truck Driver Applications Drop as Economy and Freight Rises
This bit of news comes from a TCA session titled "Repaving Truckload's Road to Success," and...

Truck Driver Recruitment in High Gear
Truck driving is hot and companies are currently giving some of the best...

Even Lawyers Blame Truck Driver Shortage on Safety Regulations
Well guys and gals, I'm not sure if this is a good thing or not, but even the lawyers...

More Women Truck Drivers Behind the Wheel
The truck driver shortage is not exclusive to group in particular has really stepped...

Healthier Truck Drivers Wanted
We all know, particularly as we grow older, that we need to concentrate on getting and staying fit. But for a commercial truck driver...

Great News for the Trucking Industry
Trucking is still dominating the transportation industry.

Companies are Piling On the Driver Perks
Can things get any better for truck drivers?

Ohio Looking to Fill Truck Driver Jobs
Now Ohio is taking up the call for more, and particlarly, new truck drivers.

Truck Driver Shortage Hits California - Where it Hurts
The truck driver shortage has now filtered its way into California and it's hitting some local businesses right where it hurts. 

Truck Driving Job Shortage Still Top News!
Perhaps the bigger question is what does this indicate or portend for the trucking industry as a whole?

Truckers Needed in North Carolina
Unemployed? Need a career? Then look at truck driving - look harder

Too Many Trucking Jobs in Tennessee
Trucking is back and it's HOT! (07/05/12)

Alabama Truck Driver Jobs Shortage
Plenty of room for new truck drivers in Alabama

New Trucking Job Opportunities in Mississippi
Truck dealer sees private lending as a way to drive trucking job growth

Wisconsin Truck Driving Job Opportunities
More news on the truck driver shortge - this time in Wisconsin.

Truck Driving Jobs in Michigan
Like everywhere else it seems, the truck driver shortage has hit Michigan trucking companies and they are desperately searching for qualified drivers

Sleep Apnea in Truck Drivers
Sleep apnea can be a major problem, especially for commercial truck drivers or anyone else that spends a lot of time behind the wheel

Trucking Leads Rebound
We just need to get more drivers and get the word out that truck driving is again a viable, and sometimes enjoyable, carreer choice

Carriers Scrambling for Tennessee Truck Drivers
An "Out of the Box" Solution for Truck Drivers in Tennessee (06/26/12)

Trucking Jobs in Indiana
Now is the time to get back into the industry and get the best trucking job terms in decades (06/26/12)

Truck Drivers Needed in Kansas
Now is the time to get back into the industry and get the best trucking job terms in decades (06/25/12)

Truck Driving Jobs Still Not Being Filled
Delayed Deliveries and Higher Rates to Follow (06/25/12)

Is Connecticut Crazy?
Proposed new tax on diesel would harm drivers...

Great News For Truckers and Trucking Jobs
The trucking industry added over 7,000 Jobs in May...

Great Trucking Company for Owner Operators
ASF Intermodal in Mobile Alabama is a relatively new company...

Ohio State Highway Patrol Asking for Truck Driver Help
Essentially, officers hope that truckers will be an "extra set of eyes and ears" on the road...

Truck Driver Shortage Still Here
The truck driver shortage is back in the news and it looks like...