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Truck Drivers Needed in Kansas

The truck driver shortage is impacting every state in the union and if the increased news coverage is any indication, it is only getting worse.

According to the Wichita Business Journal, 06/25/12:

"A worsening shortage of truck drivers is impacting many aspects for businesses that rely on road transportation. USA Today reports freight rates are climbing and deliveries are often delayed as firms struggle to find enough drivers to replace their retirees. Those in the industry say that despite the nation's high unemployment rate, it is difficult to find enough drivers because of the $4,000 to $6,000 driver-training course, the fact that the job requires long stretches away from home, and the fact that the government has begun publicizing the safety ratings of trucking companies, which has prompted some firms to hire only drivers with perfect records."

If you live in Kansas and are looking to start or make a change in a truck driving cvareer, now is the time to act!

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