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Out of the Box Solution for Truck Drivers in Tennessee

Yep, you guessed it, more news about the driver shortage. However, this one is a little different and shows how far carriers are willing to go to get the quality truck drivers they need. Could this be a sign of things to come? Are truck drivers the new asset for acquisition?

Posted by Commercial Appeal on 06/26/12:

"Shelbyville, Tenn.-based Titan, which has about 80 drivers at its Memphis terminal, went out and bought USA Cartage Co. of Williamsport, Md., in part to add to its stable of veteran drivers with clean records.

Acquisitions are based not on equipment, but on drivers, said Dana Workman, director of national sales at Titan's Malone Road terminal. "You're seeing more and more companies struggle to find good drivers. They go out and purchase a company not for their customer base, but for their driver base.

Experienced truck drivers with good records are one of the hotter commodities in the job market as America's appetite for freight nudges upward, veteran drivers retire and new safety regulations clamp down on the trucking industry..."

"Truck-driver hiring has been one of the brighter spots in recent Department of Labor statistics. The nation added about 7,300 trucking jobs in May compared to a year earlier, and that was more than 10 percent of the total nonfarm employment gain of 69,000 for the month. The trucking jobs were part of a 35,600 gain in the broader transportation employment sector. The hiring comes as freight volumes continue to rebound in fits and starts."

"The ATA said Monday that the advanced seasonally adjusted For-Hire Truck Tonnage Index fell 0.7 percent in May after falling 1.1 percent in April, compared to the previous months.

Trucking's huge in the Memphis region, where the nation's third-busiest trucking corridor meets five major railroads, the world's No. 2 cargo airport and one of America's busiest inland ports. Muller said the driver shortage could be boosting Memphis' burgeoning intermodal freight business, which moves containerized freight on a combination of road and rails. Titan's driver turnover is running 40 percent, meaning four out of 10 driver jobs will have to be filled within a year."

"You've got this perfect storm for drivers," said Workman. "Literally, a driver could quit tomorrow, go work somewhere else for two weeks, and then come back and we would accept him with open arms. In years past, you'd say he was not loyal and you'd bring him back as a new hire versus having seniority."

Bottom line, if you are even slightly considering getting into or back into the truck driving job industry, just re-read some of those stats and quotes above and Apply Now for a new position.

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