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Truck Driving Jobs in Michigan

Like everywhere else it seems, the truck driver shortage has hit Michigan trucking companies and they are desperately searching for qualified drivers. Just look at some of the quotes below and, especially in the current job market, if that doesn't make you consider a career in truck driving, I don't know what else would! Best of all, it appears that opportunities for new drivers is growing exponentially, including company financing of trucking school. The biggest qualification issue seems to be a clean driving record and no criminal record, but, come on folks, that's not that tough.

As reported by Megan Durisin in Michigan Live:

"Walter Heinritzi, executive director of the Michigan Trucking Association, said there has been a modest uptick in the overall economy, leading to an increasing amount of raw materials and finished products and a rising demand for truckers to haul them.
On top of that, Heinritzi said trucking companies are getting squeezed as many older truck drivers retire and standards have increased to find qualified people to replace them. That itself creates a shortage, he said."

"Josh Rhodes, safety compliance director with Grand Rapids-based Ever Fresh Transportation, said he works at the West Michigan CDL Truck Driving School and has noticed hundreds of positions opening across the country for drivers who have completed training. For candidates with good driving histories and clean criminal records, there's a lot of opportunity in the industry. Theres a driver shortage and its only going to get worse, Rhodes said. Rhodes said Everfresh employs between 105-110 drivers, a number that has been rising in recent years. The company currently is looking to hire about 10 two-person driver teams. He attributed part of the rising amount of openings nationwide to the gradually improving economy. The tonnage hauled by truck carriers increased about 3.8 percent between May 2011 and May 2012, according to numbers from the American Trucking Association."

"Sharon Conklin, safety director for Vans Delivery Service in Grand Rapids and a member of the West Michigan Safety Council for the Michigan Trucking Association, said the increasing CSA regulations have benefited the company, even though it can take longer to find qualified candidates. Vans employs 56 company drivers and 70 owner-operators and currently is looking to hire about five new drivers, Conklin said, noting many of the applicants she receives have come from middle-aged men and women who have lost other jobs and receive grants to go to trucking school. Were not filling the trucks as quickly, she said. We would rather have a good driver with a good work history.

"Even our over the road drivers get home weekly," Conklin said. "We do maintain our drivers." As positions for truckers continue to grow, companies are searching for qualified candidates to fill them.Its a shortage of quality drivers, Conklin said of the national need for truckers.

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