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Alabama Truck Driver Jobs Shortage

Well, our home state has finally chimed in on the truck driver shortage and, being that All Trucking Jobs is located in Alabama, we've got a few things to get off our chest. First off, come on guys and gals, it's not that tough to get your CDL. Basically, you have to be 21, pass a physical and have a clean driving record. Are we all suddenly such horrible drivers now that no one has a clean driving record anymore? I doubt it, so is it that the job is so horrible? Well, at a time when our country is facing such huge unemployment and job losses, isn't any job a great job? And don't misunderstand me, I don't think it's a horrible job, especially since the pay is getting better and better. It just takes a certain type of individual who loves to travel, likes adventure and wants a job that can grow into a career. And while just under 200,000 people hold a CDL license in Alabama, many of those drivers are older and/or retired, so there is PLENTY of room for new drivers.

As reported by Tametria Conner of Montgomery:

Experts say 90 percent of what we eat, wear, and use everyday are delivered on 18 wheels. Montgomery resident Jackie Bozeman has nearly 25 years of trucking experience. "Mostly long haul, but I ran some short haul too. I ran in about 35 states," Bozeman said.

He retired last year and then started driving again part-time for a local company. He is also a fill-in instructor at the Trenholm State Technical College Truck Driving Center. "There's always work available even in a recessed economy, there is still work available for those who are qualified to drive," Bozeman said.

Tim Frazier with the Alabama Trucking Association says tougher federal regulations are now limiting drivers and forcing companies to hire more drivers. "It's strict. The hours he can work in a day, the miles he can run in a day. Industry wide it's tough on moving freight. We're not seeing as many young folks going that we did at one time," Frazier said. 

Truck driver students at Trenholm State just started classes a week ago. They're eager to reduce the high turnover rate which rose from 39 percent in 2010 to 90 percent in the first quarter of this year. 23-year-old Michael Kelliher says he is up for the challenge on the road and looks forward to the adventure he says pays well. "I'm serious about this, wanting to get into and I feel ready and I'm hoping to get into as soon as I can and I'm looking forward to it," Kelliher said.

So come on Alabama, Apply Now and do your part to get started in a carreer that will only grow and improve.

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