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Too Many Trucking Jobs in Tennessee

Trucking is back - big time. Just glance at the article below and you'll realize, as we have, that trucking is not only back but it is HOT!  Again, as we have been saying over and over at All Trucking Jobs, if you are a young person with a clean driving record and no drug or alchohal abuse problems, you need to take a close look at a truck driving job. Sure, the "call of the open road" doesn't seem to be as glamorous as it once was - but we have no idea why. Where else can you start a career without a college education and get paid as high as $100K per year? And if you live in Tennesse, read the article below now! 

According to The Commercial Appeal in Memphis Tennessee:

Despite the sluggish economy, and flying below the radar of much-publicized high-tech innovations, the trucking industry is on a roll. Year-over-year growth in truck-borne tonnage was up 4.1 percent in May, and is projected to stay on pace for a growth year in 2012.

This is good news for Greater Memphis. The metro region includes right at 300 trucking companies. And the trucking industry here employs 11,000 people — bigger than all but a handful of regional industries. And the industry is one that employs people with all varieties of education and work experience. While the trends for future employment growth clearly point toward the need for a college education, trucking still offers a career path for drivers who have something less than a four-year degree.

But here's the rub. Many veteran truck drivers are retiring, or planning to retire. As a result, some companies, including the Memphis operations of Titan Transfer, are wrestling with 40 percent turnover rates among drivers. The issue: Older drivers are stepping back, while the pool of younger drivers isn't expanding fast enough.

While the pay is good, often topping $50,000 a year and going as high as $100,000 annually, new drivers need clean driving records, no drug or alcohol problems, and a good work record. In short, a truck driver needs to demonstrate the same skill set of any good employee.

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