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Truckers Needed in North Carolina

The truck driver shortage is in the news again, this time in North Carolina

According to Gloria Lloyd of McClatchy Newspapers:

"A job seeker looking through classified advertisements in North Carolina is very likely to see trucking companies from as far away as Massachusetts and Nebraska calling for applicants for open positions they cannot fill.
Despite a national unemployment rate topping 8 percent, trucking companies are struggling to recruit and retain enough drivers due to a host of factors."

Okay, even just a cursory glance at our site will tell you that the above is nothing new. However, what she goes on to report should certainly spark some interest for anyone unemployed in the Carolinas:

"Costello [chief economist for the American Trucking Association] says the steep cost of training, averaging from $4,000 to $6,000 for four to six weeks of driver-training school, is a barrier to entry. While many nationwide companies retroactively reimburse newly hired drivers monthly for the cost of schooling, potential drivers still have to pay the school in advance or try to qualify for student loans. Still, at a time when many professions offer little job security, truck driving is as close to a sure thing for those who meet the qualifications."

“You can take a person making minimum wage and put them into school, and four to six weeks later they will be making anywhere between $38,000 [and] $40,000 entry-level, with benefits,” says Cindy Atwood, of the Commercial Vehicle Training Association. “That’s a pretty good story. And that job can’t be outsourced.”

Four thousand to six thousand is steep to start a $40K per year job with an almost gaurantee of being hired and, in many cases, you can get that $4K to $6K back? Does he know how many people spent tens of thousands of dollars and four years for college to earn the same amount and still can't find a job?

Come on folks, if you are looking for an actual "career" that you can grow into and, if you watch your savings, retire early, then you need to take a good hard look look at a truck driving job. Look harder.

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