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Trucking Companies are Piling On the Driver Perks

Can things get any better for truck drivers? Well, pay could get better, but it looks like that is just around the corner as you can see in the Reuters article below.

As reported in the Chicago Tribune by Lynn Adler of Reuters:

"LODI, Ohio (Reuters) - Truck stops are getting a makeover as companies add amenities to combat a growing shortage of a precious commodity: drivers..."

"Trucking companies are conducting a parallel campaign. Worried they cannot afford pay hikes big enough to retain experienced drivers and entice new ones, Con-Way Inc, Ryder System Inc, Swift Transportation Co and others offer perks and cushier sleeper cabs to improve the job's quality of life..."

"Keeping enough drivers on the road is critical for the industry, which moves about two-thirds of all freight in the United States. But a shortage of drivers, already approaching 100,000 truckers, is deepening even with U.S. unemployment over 8 percent. By the end of next year, the shortage could more than double to 250,000, according to Noel Perry, principal of research firm Transport Fundamentals in Cornwall, Pennsylvania..."

"Some drivers will give up life on the road to return to higher-paying jobs in construction, or take jobs in technology or the trades. The boom in the hydraulic fracturing industry, which needs drivers to move heavy equipment to drilling sites, adds to the overall shortage..."

"Trucking industry analysts say it would take double-digit pay increases to make a serious dent in the high turnover rates."

Come on people, there has never been a better time to get into the truck driving industry. And once you are in, it looks like things are only going to get better. Can it be that truck driving will finally return to the comparative pay range and prestige of the good old days? Well, we're not sure about that but right now it looks like the sky may be the limit.

See the full story here:,0,7116985.story

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