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More Women Truck Drivers Behind the Wheel

The truck driver shortage is not exclusive to America. Europe and other countries are having many of the same driver issues. However, in the United States, one group in particular has really stepped up and is having a real effect on the driver shortage. Who is this group? Women truck drivers.

As reported in The Financial by Marie Vassiliadis:

" different parts of the world, there are crusaders who are working to bring about change and Ellen Voie is one of them. Her organisation, Women in Trucking, with the support of Volvo Trucks, has helped to ensure that there are more female truck drivers in the United States than in many other countries.

About one per cent of truck drivers in Europe are women. This is a very small number but no fewer than in many other parts of the world. At the same time, the transport industry is crying out for more drivers. In the U.S., the situation is somewhat better, as women account for more than five per cent of the country’s 3.2 million truck drivers. In the U.S., the organisation, Women in Trucking, has been working for a number of years to change attitudes and norms in the industry."

"The haulage companies that do not employ women risk losing out on valuable skills and know-how, which is neither good nor particularly smart. I am convinced that women have a great deal to offer the industry when it comes to safe, fuel-efficient driving,  says Martin Bramsved, global manager Corporate Social Responsibility at Volvo Trucks."

All right guys, all jokes aside, this is great news. Female drivers have not only shown that they are very capable with high quality performance, they can also put a big dent in the driver shortage. The article then went on to address some of the issues that manufacturers  looking to change:

"Martin Bramsved feels that it is only natural for manufacturers like Volvo Trucks to take an interest in the people who sit behind the wheel, sell trucks or perform service."

"In the past, the actual truck and its handling represented an obstacle for women. Trucks today, on the other hand, do not require drivers who have exceptionally strong arms or are especially tall."

"Truck cabs are designed for drivers to live and work in, no matter whether they are women or men and independent of the strength of the drivers’ arms. For example, the drivers’ seats and steering wheels in Volvo trucks are extremely adaptable and are therefore ideal for short and tall drivers alike, Martin Bramsved explains."

We think it's a terrific sign that manufacturers are starting to get involved. Of course, it's also in their best interest since with no drivers, no new trucks will be sold! Seriously though, this is a very good sign of the industry making changes to ensure longevity. So come on lady drivers, we welcome each and every one of you to apply now.

See the whole story here:,_Volvo_Trucks_media_relations/

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